Honors Class of 2018

I am meeting with a variety of interested students in the coming months about joining our Honors Program in the Fall!  If you are one of those students, welcome to the site and feel free to click around!

If you are an existing BU Honors student and you are interested in meeting and speaking with prospective students, please let me know by emailing or stopping by my office!  The best story is the one told my someone who is in the Program!  

Washington, D.C. Program | The Washington Center4

I encourage you to check out this Program to do internships in Washington, D.C.  All majors are encouraged to apply and if you are serious about doing this, I will help you research, apply, and check into costs.  

“The Honors Program at Bethel University endeavors to challenge academically gifted students to develop their capacities for analysis, composition, research, and critical thinking in order to increase their preparation for the duties incumbent upon education and achievement. The course of study embraced by the Honors Program both deepens the appreciation of all things human and promotes an interdisciplinary understanding of the contemporary world. As such, the Honors Program is a perfect complement to the Bethel University mission of helping students reach their full potential.”
Honors Mission Statement