Benefits of the Honors Program


In order to attract the best students and to help ensure that they have access to higher education and the necessary time to devote to their studies, Bethel University is proud to offer all students accepted to the program a $10,000 scholarship per academic year.

Benefits of Enrollment in the Honors Program:

*Students in the Honors Program take a four course sequence over their first two years which stands in for English 101, English 111, English 201, English 202, and the two course history Liberal Arts Core requirements. Therefore, Honors students spend less time taking core classes and are fast tracked into their major more quickly.

*Honors students have the opportunity to live in Prosser Hall, a smaller dorm with a capacity of only 96 students.  Students living in Prosser can choose single or double occupancy rooms (single rooms are $700 extra per semester).  Prosser is located near all of the academic buildings on campus and has historically been one of the favorite dorms of Bethel students.  Click here for a floor plan of the suites.  

*The Honors Program offers students the opportunity to work closely with professors in their fields to produce academic work that appeals to them and helps them in future endeavors. Most Honors projects are directly related to student’s career goals. Past Bethel Honors students have produced a variety of fascinating projects including an original play, an economic analysis of the 2008 financial collapse, and the construction of a historical exhibit shown at a local historical site.

*Honors students who want to go on to graduate or professional schools do so with an impressive portfolio. Many honors students see the program as a foundation for further education in fields such as law, religion, psychology, or business. Working in the Honors Program gives students experience in graduate style research and helps students build relationships with the faculty members who will be their advocates in the graduate school admission process.

*Students who complete the Honors Program with a Grade Point Average of 3.0 in Honors courses and a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.0 graduate from the Bethel University Honors Program, a distinction noted on their transcript and diploma.

*Honors students get early registration each semester so they have more flexibility with their schedules.  

*Honors students are individually co-advised by both the Honors Director and an adviser in their major assuring that there is always an adviser available to answer registration and scheduling questions.