A Note from the Honors Program Director

Thank you for your interest in Bethel University’s Honors Program!  At Bethel, we are a student centered teaching institution committed to the liberal arts experience.  In the Honors Program students get the opportunity to work in a small classroom setting with full time faculty members – last year our average Honors class size was around 13 students.  In this setting every student has the opportunity to contribute, discuss, and learn from each other as well as the professor.  I truly believe the Bethel Honors experience is one of the best college experiences available in West Tennessee.

Our graduates corroborate this assertion.  Bethel Honors students have gone on to graduate schools, professional schools, and successful careers.  Whether you are looking to build a resume for employment directly after graduation or lay the foundation for an advanced degree the Honors Program can help you reach your goals.  With our adaptable Program each student will get the opportunity to work with a faculty mentor in their field and produce a senior project of their own design.  Bethel students have done amazing things ranging from playwriting to museum exhibits to opening their own small businesses.  

If you are a high achieving student with a 3.25 high school gpa and a composite ACT score of 24 or more I would love to speak with you about the program!  Please feel free to call or email at the information listed below. 

Dr. Daniel Dalrymple
Honors Program Director/Assistant Professor of History
731 352 6364