Honors Program Description

About the Honors Program:

Bethel University’s Honors Program offers motivated students the opportunity to get the most out of their liberal arts education by helping them to further their skills in critical thinking, independent research, and writing. Students in the Honors Program will supplement their traditional Bethel courses with specially designed discussion focused courses crafted to challenge engaged students in a small classroom setting. The Honors Colloquia (the four course sequence that begins the Honors Program) are a combination of Literature, History, and Fine Arts which expose students to classic texts, a variety of modes of artistic expression, and the most recent scholarly trends in these fields. After completion of these courses students are free to seek out professors in their majors to design their own research agendas for individual study and an honors project that represents their capstone work in the program.

The Honors Curriculum at a Glance

Freshman Year:  
Fall:       Honors 101: Western Civilization (4 credits)
Spring:   Honors 102: The U.S. and the World  (4 credits)

Sophomore Year: 
Fall:      Honors 201: Themes and Topics in Literature (4 credits)
Spring:  Honors 202: Forms of Artistic Expression (4 credits)

Junior Year:
Fall:      Honors 399: Honors Option Special Topics (1 credit)
Spring:  Honors 399: Honors Option Special Topics (1 credit)
             Honors 395: Honors Senior Project Proposal Workshop (1 credit)

Senior Year:
Fall:      Honors 495: Senior Project (4 credits)